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Giving away ten drawings :)

okay, so i sometimes get the urge to draw somehthing.

Today is one of those days.

So requests for simple biro pen drawings, come at me. Ill draw to the best of my ability the requested pic, and send the pist card sized picture to you :) Anyone can ask, and ill send it anywhere via good old snail mail :)

All you have to do is comment on this picture with what you want me to draw, and ill pm you for your home address and send you the picture. If you dont want me to send it to your home address i can just upload it here for you (but thats not fun is it).

Also, reblog this around so i can get more followers and next time ill do something different :)

I regret nothing!  Haha im such a classy bitch..

I regret nothing! Haha im such a classy bitch..

Family photo, in autumn &lt;3

Family photo, in autumn <3

Autumn photos with the family.

Autumn photos with the family.

My little sister took this photo of me haha. Shes going to be a little photographer. &lt;3

My little sister took this photo of me haha. Shes going to be a little photographer. <3

So over this shit.

So i live with my father, and im finding it difficult to adapt to after living out of home for quite some time.
Im trying to stay out of everyones way, not tread on toes, and yet somehow i still find a way to piss him off..

Here is a list of things that shit me:

- First, in a house where there is one male (dad) and 4 females (Wife, 2 daughters and myself) he leaves the toilet seat up. Sure, he owns the house, but its fucking rude. I dont want to be touching that pissy seat.

-Second, i am in the process of getting a dirt bike for my 21st birthday. He looks annoyed so i confront him about it. He says 1) i am not responsible enough to own a dirt bike when i cant even look after a house. Now this pisses me off. He thinks because i am of the female species it is my job to clean his fuck off filthy house. NO. I will clean my shit up, not yours. It was a fucking pigsty before i lived here so i dont see the need for me to clean it. And 2) he asks “where will i keep the bike?”. I dont really care where i keep it, there are 3 sheds out the back. “no, its not going in my sheds, they are all full. There is no room for a dirt bike at this house”, so i say fine, it will live in my room with a pillow and blanket if it has to. He thought i was joking. nope.jpg. Anyway, found out yesterday that he has bought a new fucking car. OH BUT THERE IS NO FUCKING ROOM FOR A FUCKING DIRT BIKE OHHH FUCK CANT HAVE THAT NOW CAN WE! fucking dick head. (oh, and he is planning on another car very soon too -.-)

-Thirdly, another toilet issue i have. I think it is common curtesy to clean up your skid marks when you take a shit. You know? i mean, its really gross. But guess what he doesnt clean… yeah. thats sick. Im sure he leaves it for his wife to clean. I love her, but she needs to learn to stand up for herself cause it pisses me off. which brings me to my next point..

-Fourth. The way he treats his wife. She is from Thailand, and she is wonderful. I get along with her really well and i feel sorry for her having to put up with my father. He gets mad when i dont cook or help cook in the kitchen… like, i should naturally go OH HEY ITS 7PM TIME TO COOK THE MEN SOME FOOD. .. NO. just no. I mean, i havent seen him help cook in the kitchen for about.. hmm… 2 weeks.. and even then it was OH HEY IM GONNA COOK 3 PORK CHOPS CAUSE IM A MAN I COOK MEAT! so back the point of his wife and how she is treated, he expects her to be a house wife who cooks and cleans and does her womanly duties. The only reason i dont think she minds doing these things is cause shes bored shitless. There is nothing to do here. And he barely ever takes her out places. Today probably being the first time in about 3 weeks that they went out to a nice garden for a walk. TOP BLOKE.

-Fifth, I went out of my way to make sure having the heater/air con on tonight would be alright, as its pretty cold. He said yeah, no worries just as long as you have the doors closed you know. Well yeah, im not retarded. So i shut the door and turn on the air con. And sit my arse down at my desk and start doing some homework for a job i hope to get.  5 mins later, dad comes in and gets pissed off that im using the air con and not wearing an extra jumper. And i was like, yeah, but i already asked if it was okay, why not say it wasnt when i asked?! And he points to the door (which my stupid cat had opened moments before) and said why would you leave the door open blah blah blah. At this point i realised what had happened, tried to explain it, but he wouldnt hear a word of it. so i turn off the air con and freeze my arse off and try not to cry at his fuckheadedness.

-Sixth. Ah i think this is the last one i can think of. It involves my friends. More to the point, it involves me having friends come to visit. Approx 4 weeks ago, i had friends visit for the first time since living here. I was super excited, and we had a few bourbons. Now let me say, yes i do get loud when i drink, but once reminded to quieten down, i do. I say sorry, and i chill out. My two friends happened to be MALE. (oh shit fuck tits, TWO MALES IN MY BEDROOM!!)…anyway, at around 11pm, my dad knocks on my door and asks that i lower the noise level, and asked when they were leaving. I said, ok we will be quiet, not sure when they are leaving just yet. He left, and we turned down the music and our voices. (Also, want to say i live in a big house, and my room is opposite to his sleeping room, so no way in hell could he have been able to hear us after that.) Anyway, about 10 mins later, knock on my door again. “When are they leaving” (insert angry face here). I was shocked, i asked “what, can you still hear us?, He said “its midnight, some people have to work in the morning, tell them to go home. Oh and did you do the washing up after dinner? we dont want cockroaches”.. I had no choice in the matter. I asked them to leave, appologised, and they left, just as shocked as me. I was embarrased as hell, i burst into tears at this point. Now, i calmed down a small amount, thinking Okay, he does have to get up early, ill organise my friends visiting nights better next time. BUT OH HEY GUESS WHO DIDNT HAVE TO WORK IN THE MORNING. fucking douche bag. he didnt have to leave for work til 5 pm. So. Why did he ACTUALLY want my friends gone? i can only think of one reason. He didnt like the idea of me having two MALES in my room at night time. OBVIOUSLY WE WERE ABOUT TO GANG BANG FUCK. -.-

Gaming in the cold.. my hands are frozen but at least my heads toasty warm :3

Gaming in the cold.. my hands are frozen but at least my heads toasty warm :3


<3 my besties!!

Had my 21st Party on the weekend, Fantasy themed! My mum was a fairy, and I was a unicorn! heheh. Lots of fun! :D

Had my 21st Party on the weekend, Fantasy themed! My mum was a fairy, and I was a unicorn! heheh. Lots of fun! :D


Tomorrow, the 1st of May, i turn 21.
Im pretty much going to spend the day cleaning and stressing over things for my party on the weekend.. 

Im really not keen.. I just really want someone special to take me out for dinner and to spend a day being cute and shit. Sigh. Its been too fucking long and i badly want a man for my birthday. -feeling pretty lame right now-

On the plus side, i think im getting Tomb Raider for PC. I hope i do :) But until then, i think its time for some League. <3